Planet Positive

There are few problems facing our planet as serious as the climate crisis and the need for decarbonisation. These are complex problems that affect us all. There is a need–and opportunity–for every person, business, industry and nation to minimise impact and do better. That’s where entrepreneurs come in. We believe they are the true game changers to a better world, and through their creativity, grit, and resourcefulness, we’ll be on our way to a more resilient, sustainable, healthy planet.

Spotlighted Content and Partnerships

  • Guy Galonska, Osnat Michaeli and Erez Galonska

    Infarm believes your food shouldn’t have travelled further than you. They grow nutritious produce from all around the world, right in your city.

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  • Daniel Wiegand, Matthias Meiner, Patrick Nathen and Sebastian Born

    With the world’s first electric vertical take-off and landing jet, Lilium’s vision is to create a revolution in sustainable, high-speed regional air mobility.

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Thematic Partnerships

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