Founded by Grant Aarons and Ferdinando Randisi


FabricNano's mission is to transform industrial chemical processes by using cell-free biomanufacturing, empowering users with the world's most advanced, flexible and easily scalable biocatalyst platform.

FabricNano develops and sells biocatalysts for high volume industrial applications. Their data-driven approach to enzyme and immobilization engineering uses only biocatalyst materials that can already be manufactured by the tonne.

Their clients range from startups to international chemical clients like Sumitomo Chemical Company, all of which are looking for highly stable and performant biocatalysts to allow for profitable production of sustainable and bio-based commodity chemicals.

The FabricNano offer starts with novel immobilization engineering for enzyme stabilization, followed by budget conscious protein engineering and process engineering to reach the client’s targets for commercialization of the new biochemical production process.

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