Conscious Scaling

Conscious Scaling is a programme of sustainability initiatives designed to help founders build enduring, category winning businesses that are also conscious about their impact on the wider world. It is our firm belief that when fully embedded, sustainable business practices will generate superior long-term performance as well as enable greater positive societal impact.

The programme focuses on identifying material environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors associated with a business model or technology’s impact on society, the environment, and all stakeholders. We recognise the impact these levers can have on the success of both our own business and those we partner with, and our aim is to help founders discover opportunities where sustainability can help them build their companies for a successful long-term future. 

Our programme begins with pre-investment due diligence and dialogue with founders to prioritise material ESG factors, and then continues throughout the lifecycle of our investment by means of regular engagement, support and monitoring. We have run more than 30 Conscious Scaling workshops with companies we have partnered with since the programme’s inception.

If you are a founder looking to scale your business, or an investor thinking about how to operationalise your sustainability efforts, then read on to find out more about the work we do.

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