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  1. Atomico
    12 Apr 2023

    Atomico furthers European presence, with new local hubs in Berlin and Stockholm, alongside Paris

    Atomico has always been at the heart of the European ecosystem. We’re founded on the belief that great companies can come from anywhere, and that start-ups founded in Europe should have the same support to scale globally as those coming from Silicon Valley.

  2. Atomico
    11 Apr 2023

    Dan Hynes: Here’s what feels different about Big Tech redundancies in the new era of ‘loud firing’

    I worked on Google’s layoffs during the Great Financial Crisis. Here’s what feels different about Big Tech redundancies in the new era of ‘loud firing’.

  3. Atomico
    1 Mar 2023

    Atomico hires Snowflake’s Thibaut Ceyrolle to lead new Go-to-Market and Sales function

  4. Atomico
    26 Jan 2023

    Congratulations to Atomico’s two newest, homegrown Partners

  5. Atomico
    12 Jan 2023

    Our Investment in Digitail: Helping the vet industry go digital

  6. Partnerships
    11 Jan 2023

    Our investment in DeepL: Using neural networks to expand human possibilities, overcome language barriers and bring cultures closer together.

  7. Atomico
    12 Dec 2022

    The State of European Tech 2022: The Path Ahead

  8. Atomico
    5 Dec 2022

    Niklas Zennström: We need to talk about down rounds

  9. Atomico
    10 Nov 2022

    Welcoming seven new members to the Atomico Angel Programme

  10. Partnerships
    11 Oct 2022

    Our Investment in Factorial: Empowering SMB's with a people-first automated HR platform

  11. Partnerships
    3 Aug 2022

    Our Investment in Ben: Creating a global ecosystem for employee benefits

  12. Atomico
    13 Jul 2022

    Welcoming Laura Connell, our newest Partner in Atomico’s Growth Investment Team

  13. Atomico
    23 Jun 2022

    Welcoming four new faces to the Atomico Angel Programme

  14. Partnerships
    15 Jun 2022

    Our Investment in NFTPort: Building the infrastructure for digital ownership

  15. Partnerships
    14 Jun 2022

    Why we invested in TestGorilla - helping eliminate hiring bias

  16. Atomico
    30 May 2022

    Atomico hires Revolut and Uber executive, Don Hoang

  17. Partnerships
    19 May 2022

    Why we invested in PocketLaw — finally, legal peace of mind for SMBs

  18. Partnerships
    9 May 2022

    Our Investment in PocketLaw: Modernising Legal Work for SME’s

  19. Partnerships
    20 Apr 2022

    Our Investment in Vaayu: Empowering Retailers to Tackle Climate Emissions

  20. Atomico
    20 Apr 2022

    Congratulations to Europe’s three newest investment Partners!

  21. Atomico
    14 Apr 2022

    The Atomico Angel Programme’s Fourth Year

  22. Partnerships
    15 Mar 2022

    Our Investment in ChannelEngine: The Ecommerce and Marketplace Management Suite

  23. Partnerships
    1 Mar 2022

    Our Investment in Commsor: Unlocking The Power of Community for Modern Businesses

  24. Partnerships
    14 Feb 2022

    Our Investment in Gaia: Redesigning Access to Fertility Care

  25. Atomico
    10 Feb 2022

    Atomico supercharges Growth Acceleration offering with Director hires

  26. Partnerships
    9 Feb 2022

    Congratulations to Scandit, Europe’s newest Unicorn!

  27. Atomico
    9 Dec 2021

    Launching the 7th annual State of European Tech Report

  28. Atomico
    30 Nov 2021

    Our Investment in Abacum: Empowering finance teams to make organisations thrive

  29. Partnerships
    26 Oct 2021

    Atomico’s Take on Female and Reproductive Health in Europe through a Consumer Lens

  30. Partnerships
    25 Oct 2021

    Our Investment in Y42: The first scalable data platform that anyone can run

  31. Partnerships
    19 Oct 2021

    Congratulations to Aiven, Finland’s newest Unicorn

  32. Atomico
    13 Oct 2021

    Why we’re celebrating the year in tech with an NFT, and how to win one


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