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  1. Partnerships
    25 Oct 2021

    Our Investment in Y42: The first scalable data platform that anyone can run

    Founded in 2020 and based in Berlin, Y42 is the full-stack data platform that anyone can run.

  2. Partnerships
    19 Oct 2021

    Congratulations to Aiven, Finland’s newest Unicorn

    When we first invested into Aiven and led their $100 million Series C in March of this year, we already knew that we had the privilege to join a very special group of people and a true rocketship made in Finland.

  3. Atomico
    13 Oct 2021

    Why we’re celebrating the year in tech with an NFT, and how to win one

  4. Partnerships
    12 Oct 2021

    Our Investment in SheeldMarket: Delivering Institutional Access to the Digital Assets Market

  5. Partnerships
    8 Oct 2021

    Congratulations to Truecaller!

  6. Partnerships
    5 Oct 2021

    Our Investment in Mondoo: Simplifying Infrastructure Security Operations

  7. Partnerships
    21 Sept 2021

    Our Investment in Sorare: The Future of Collecting and Fantasy Sports

  8. Partnerships
    15 Sept 2021

    Congratulations to Lilium!

  9. Partnerships
    20 Jul 2021

    Rethinking Employee Wellness Models: Atomico’s Investment in Quit Genius

  10. Partnerships
    19 Jul 2021

    Our Investment in Quit Genius: Tackling Addictions with Digital Solutions

  11. Partnerships
    14 Jul 2021

    Congratulations to LendInvest for listing on the London Stock Exchange

  12. Partnerships
    5 Jul 2021

    Thank you, Biology, and so long, petrochemicals: Atomico’s investment in FabricNano

  13. Partnerships
    30 Jun 2021

    Our Investment in FabricNano: Enabling the Bioindustrial Revolution

  14. Partnerships
    29 Apr 2021

    Why we invested in Pactum: A new category of Intelligent Automation

  15. Partnerships
    27 Apr 2021

    Our Investment in Pactum: Rethinking the Future of Contract Negotiations

  16. Partnerships
    23 Apr 2021

    Our Investment in Aiven: The Backbone of Open Source Innovation

  17. Partnerships
    23 Mar 2021

    Why we invested in Aiven, the Leading Provider of Open Source Data Infrastructure

  18. Partnerships
    23 Feb 2021

    Why we invested in Katana, the Manufacturing Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon 🗡️

  19. Partnerships
    23 Feb 2021

    Our investment in Katana: the Manufacturing Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

  20. Atomico
    5 Feb 2021

    Introducing the Atomico Angel Programme’s Third Year

  21. Atomico
    26 Jan 2021

    The Data Opportunity: the Emergence of a New Layer in Modern Enterprise

  22. Atomico
    26 Jan 2021

    Home Grown Talent: Our Newest Partner Ben Blume and Two New Principals

  23. Partnerships
    23 Nov 2020

    Our investment in Attentive: personalized mobile messaging for innovative brands

  24. Partnerships
    12 Nov 2020

    Congratulations Pipedrive: Europe and Estonia’s Newest SaaS Unicorn!

  25. Atomico
    3 Nov 2020

    Our commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive European technology ecosystem

  26. Partnerships
    29 Oct 2020

    Our Investment in LabGenius: creating a new industry paradigm in protein therapeutics with machine learning and automation

  27. Atomico
    14 Oct 2020

    Atomico’s take on Open Source: our OS risk framework

  28. Partnerships
    13 Oct 2020

    Our investment in Qatalog: building the infrastructure for modern work

  29. Partnerships
    8 Oct 2020

    Congratulations to MessageBird, the OPaaS rocketship joining the ranks of European unicorns today

  30. Atomico
    6 Oct 2020

    Atomico’s take on Open Source: 5 reasons to build an OS company in Europe now

  31. Atomico
    1 Aug 2020

    Access Atomico

  32. Partnerships
    18 Jun 2020

    Why we invested in Onna, the world’s first Knowledge Integration Platform