24 Jan 2024

Our Investment in deeploi: Boosting businesses through smarter IT management

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of the economy. These hubs of innovation represent the hopes and dreams of hardworking entrepreneurs and families - and employ 85 million people across the EU. But they face some of the toughest conditions in memory, and to make matters worse, IT challenges in the form of cyberattacks and ever-more-costly data breaches are on the rise. 

SMEs need simple and safe IT management to give them peace of mind and let them focus on their core purpose. But few actually have capacity or resource to hire a dedicated IT function, and outsourcing is expensive too. The result is that crucial IT duties fall to nonspecialists; for instance, HR managers or office managers who have no experience managing IT. According to Atomico's analysis, 60% of the 550,000 SMEs with 20-150 FTEs in Germany alone rely on these “accidental IT owners”, who struggle to navigate the plethora of existing tools as IT becomes increasingly complex.

This is where deeploi comes in, our newest $6.5 million Seed partnership which we’re delighted to announce today. Julian understood the challenges faced by SMEs from his time scaling companies such as McMakler, and together with fellow co-founder Phillipp, the owner of a Managed Service Provider (MSP), they knew these businesses weren’t being served by existing IT management solutions. That’s why they joined forces to create deeploi, the all-in-one comprehensive IT platform for SMEs. 

deeploi Founders Julian Lübke and Philipp Hoffman

Rather than only solving one part of the problem like most existing solutions, deeploi’s bespoke platform covers the whole IT department, streamlining everything from cybersecurity and compliance to device management and on- and-offboarding. It’s significantly cheaper than using an MSP and saves customers time, too. Existing users of the platform report cutting onboarding times from five hours to just thirty minutes, and estimate that they spend 80% less time on IT overall. This is crucial time and money that SMEs get back to focus on productivity and growth. 

The user-friendly, intuitive design means the platform is easy to use for “Accidental IT Owners”, and deeploi’s team is always on hand to provide expert support, responding to ticket issues in under 30 minutes. ⁠ ⁠This latest investment comes on the back of significant growth. Since a €3M pre-seed round 10 months ago, deeploi has not only built the platform but has also acquired 30+ customers and scaled to more than twenty employees across two offices.

The new funding goes towards the expansion of the team, with a focus on product and engineering specialists and Go-to-Market expertise, and to further developing the platform to fit the tech stacks of the modern, cloud-native companies deeploi serves. Thanks to deeploi, every business can now access the affordable, efficient and secure IT it needs, making work better for millions of people.

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