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  1. Partnerships
    3 Aug 2022

    Our Investment in Ben: Creating a global ecosystem for employee benefits

    Ben is helping businesses around the world attract and retain talent by making benefits packages more valuable, flexible and representative of the changing workforce.

  2. Partnerships
    14 Jun 2022

    Why we invested in TestGorilla - helping eliminate hiring bias

    The traditional resume based screening process is broken. CVs, or resumes, are by their nature subjective, unreliable, incomplete and an inherently flawed way to assess candidates. TestGorilla is here to fix that.

  3. Partnerships
    19 May 2022

    Why we invested in PocketLaw — finally, legal peace of mind for SMBs

  4. Partnerships
    9 May 2022

    Our Investment in PocketLaw: Modernising Legal Work for SME’s

  5. Partnerships
    1 Mar 2022

    Our Investment in Commsor: Unlocking The Power of Community for Modern Businesses

  6. Atomico
    30 Nov 2021

    Our Investment in Abacum: Empowering finance teams to make organisations thrive

  7. Partnerships
    29 Apr 2021

    Why we invested in Pactum: A new category of Intelligent Automation

  8. Partnerships
    27 Apr 2021

    Our Investment in Pactum: Rethinking the Future of Contract Negotiations

  9. Partnerships
    23 Nov 2020

    Our investment in Attentive: personalized mobile messaging for innovative brands

  10. Partnerships
    12 Nov 2020

    Congratulations Pipedrive: Europe and Estonia’s Newest SaaS Unicorn!

  11. Partnerships
    13 Oct 2020

    Our investment in Qatalog: building the infrastructure for modern work

  12. Partnerships
    18 Jun 2020

    Why we invested in Onna, the world’s first Knowledge Integration Platform

  13. Partnerships
    17 Jun 2020

    Our Investment in Onna: the world’s first knowledge integration platform

  14. Partnerships
    28 Jan 2020

    Congratulations to Peakon on Agreeing to Join Workday!

  15. Partnerships
    19 Mar 2019

    Our Investment in Peakon: insights to enable everyone to reach their full potential

  16. Partnerships
    12 Nov 2018

    Our Investment in Framer: the only platform that designers and product teams will ever need

  17. Partnerships
    10 Sept 2018

    Our Investment in Beekeeper: Using SaaS to Connect the Unconnected

  18. Partnerships
    18 Jan 2017

    Our Investment in Pipedrive: putting salespeople in the driver’s seat

  19. Partnerships
    13 Jun 2016

    Our Investment in Jobandtalent: a world-class team revolutionising the SME jobs market with leading matching technology and an innovative transaction-based mobile platform.

  20. Partnerships
    10 Mar 2011

    $42m Series A Round In Rovio

  21. Partnerships
    18 Feb 2011

    Atomico leads €10m investment round in Fon


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