13 Oct 2020

Our investment in Qatalog: building the infrastructure for modern work

Working at some of the world’s most successful technology companies — Amazon and Transferwise, Tariq Rauf experienced the sprawl of SaaS tools, information fragmentation and lack of consistent context between people, teams and projects. He knew that to work better together, teams didn’t need a better documentation tool or better chat. Teams needed a compass to better navigate this jungle of apps — an infrastructure that brings all the pieces of our modern workspace together.

That’s why he founded Qatalog, an entirely new foundation for collaboration and information sharing rebuilt from the ground up to support how we really work today.

Atomico is proud to announce our investment in Qatalog. We’re excited about technologies that help individuals feel empowered, productive, and connected to their teams. And it’s even more urgent than before: the coronavirus pandemic and a more decentralised workforce is increasing reliance on software, while bringing into the spotlight how today’s tools aren’t sufficient. Coordination becomes harder and information fragmentation increases with the number of new enterprise apps. As part of the round, Partner Irina Haivas will join the Qatalog board.

Qatalog brings together all of the SaaS building blocks of modern work, including Notion, Teams/Slack, Microsoft/Google Suite, Zoom, Confluence, Jira, Asana and others. It organizes and contextualizes these tools around the relevant people, teams and projects in a company — or as the company calls it, the ‘Work Graph’. Qatalog unifies information, making it accessible and transparent, and automates routine work. To do the things necessary for people to work smarter and collaborate better, up and down the organisation.

Qatalog is built on the understanding that all of these tools are unbeatable at their specific purposes, from collaborating on docs to managing projects. What’s missing is an actual virtual workspace — the one place where you can bring all those blocks, and the precious knowledge that lives in them, together. And where you can control, standardise and coordinate everything, while also making it all searchable and easy to navigate.

Having all those pieces in one place instead of spread across a thousand open tabs and apps means that employees can now:

  • Find every person, team and live project in the company — and their relevant connections across their tools
  • Search for information, documents and files across their tools from one place
  • Reduce email and messaging burden, and improve visibility and coordination via asynchronous & automated updates
  • Simplify, standardise and monitor routine work processes with workflows
  • Align the company across projects, teams, and departments with goals

The company will use the new funding to build out its London team. Currently, the team includes world class product, engineering and design specialists from companies such as Amazon, Mozilla, Microsoft, Invision and Transferwise.

We are excited to join the Qatalog journey!

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