Irina Haivas

Irina Haivas is a Partner on the investment team based in London. She focuses on investments in software and infrastructure, including Data, Web3, AI/ML and Bio 2.0

Irina is like having a late co-founder join your team. A true strategic partner that is fully behind the mission of the company, bold and ambitious, and relentlessly focused on helping the founders grow and scale towards their vision.
Dr Tim Guilliams, co-founder & CEO of Healx

I’m on the lookout for bold, mission driven and product focused founders with undeniable clarity of thought. Founders who use first principles to architect a future that changes the status quo and tackles high-stakes problems - whether it’s the way we work, evolve products and businesses, transform industries, or drive human potential itself.

My first love was mathematics. 

I found beauty in its logic, truth seeking and clarity. There is no room for ambiguity and every assertion requires evidence. I’m now in a field that involves instinct, ideas, and taking risks, but the love for solving hard problems remains, and the rigour and mental structure of mathematics still guides my judgement. 

I eventually trained as a doctor. 

I chose medicine because it was hard, and because it was human. I was a surgical fellow at Harvard Medical School before completing an MSc (Dist) in International Health Policy at London School of Economics. Medicine taught me empathy, resilience, listening to instinct, and comfort with ambiguity and unknowns - all of which are now highly relevant in my investing career. 

I led Atomico’s investments in NFTPort, Y42, Qatalog, Accurx, Healx, LabGenius and Kheiron Medical.

I have an insatiable curiosity for ideas, stories and people. Each of the founders I backed are incredible people that I deeply believe in. They have unique stories that drive their passion, deep insights into the problems they’re solving, and a relentless pursuit to build the world they want to see. I feel lucky to be spending my days looking into the future.

Stay hungry, reach higher 

I grew up in Romania, and as an immigrant I will always carry an underdog mentality within me.  Never take success for granted, always raise the bar a little higher, push the dream a little further, and always be learning.

Technology is an agent for change. My personal investing philosophy is driven at its core by themes of democratisation, community and autonomy. I see a future where many winning platforms and founders will build around these - whether it’s democratisation or cutting edge software tools, enabling infrastructure, decentralised networks, or new governance models.
Irina Haivas

Before joining Atomico

I was a late stage investor at GHO Capital Partners, where I invested in enterprise software, tech-enabled services, and applied AI/ML at the intersection of technology and life sciences. Earlier in my career, I was part of the senior team of Bain & Co, where I worked with over 30 companies in Europe and US on innovation, product strategy, go to market, and M&A. 

I value deep relationships 

Trust and honesty are fundamental to that. I tell it like it is and I’m not one to sugarcoat, but I deeply care and I’ll go to great lengths to be there when needed.

Irina has a rare combination of sharp intellect, strong values, refined instincts and tremendous resourcefulness. She has been an immense source of support in the journey of building our company. It's a true privilege to have her on our board.
Tariq Rauf, founder & CEO of Qatalog

I’ve seen myself as a global citizen since a young age 

I worked in 10 countries and travelled to over 50, and can speak English, Romanian, German, French and enough Italian to get around. I find it exciting and humbling to dive into new unfamiliar places and cultures. I’m often planning my next adventure to some faraway place with a patchy network and great photo opportunities.

When the getting gets tough, the tough get going

The founder journey is an intense rollercoaster, and we are here 24/7 to support you on that ride. The best founders have it in their DNA to push through seemingly insurmountable barriers.  Be your own hero. Make some magic. 

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