1 Mar 2022

Our Investment in Commsor: Unlocking The Power of Community for Modern Businesses

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a proliferation of the number of social  tools and platforms available at our fingertips. The options for users, consumers and workers to connect, chat, and collaborate have never been greater – from the established first-generation players of Facebook and Twitter, to the huge growth in popularity of tools and platforms such as Notion.

While this has opened up a universe of new possibilities for users, so too does this shift add considerable complexity for businesses looking to engage with and understand their customer base. From Reddit posts to Discord conversations, hashtags on social media and event attendees, it is getting harder and harder to grasp the true dimensions of a company’s community and accurately gauge its value.

Data shows that 95% of companies at Series B and beyond now have a dedicated community team compared to 67% in 2020, while the jump for IPO/publicly held companies is 84% to 94%. 

That’s why today we are thrilled to announce our Series B investment in Commsor, a company defining the rapidly growing community industry. Commsor’s platform underscores the potential of community as a competitive advantage, acting as a one-stop-source for all community managers to generate smart and actionable insights that benefit the entire organisation.

Commsor founder Mac Reddin

Commsor is a full-stack solution that connects to tools like Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, MailChimp, Discord, and Zoom to enable community teams ​​to prove value across the entire organisation. The platform empowers businesses to define, visualise and be intentional about their communities to allow them to build and sustain conversations that are truly important to them. 

Rather than looking at follower numbers or forum discussions in isolation, Commsor integrates interactions into one place. From personally rewarding loyal customers to organising events tailored to specific people they are aiming to reach, the Commsor platform allows businesses to leverage the power of data to understand and engage with users wherever they are. 

Commsor's Community Operating System

We’ve been impressed by Commsor’s drive to not only build a product, but also create an ecosystem in which community managers can meet, converse, and exchange ideas. Commsor’s ‘Community Club’, has over 12,000 members, ranging from organisations such as Salesforce and Twilio, and has become the meeting place of the rapidly growing community industry. 

We’re excited to join Mac and the whole Commsor team as they empower modern businesses through richer engagement and interaction insights to redefine how businesses everywhere reach the communities that matter.

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