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Commsor is the world’s only full-stack community company, creating the software, community, education, and services for companies looking to transform and harness the power of Community-Led Growth.

Commsor is building the Community Operating System, which helps organizations define, measure, and ultimately connect with their communities – fans, customers, users, contributors, and so on – for a variety of functions including support, feedback, brand-building, customer acquisition, and any other areas where their communities are interacting, thinking, feeling, and doing.

Commsor connects to tools like Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub, MailChimp, Discourse, Zoom, forums etc, to centralise and measure companies’ communities and make the most of one of their most valuable untapped resources. 

Commsor's Community Operating System

Commsor’s Community Operating System is only one facet of its commitment to community building. It is also the company behind Meetsy, a platform that facilitates smart, curated connections to build stronger teams and communities. 

In addition, Commsor operates The Community Club, a space where thousands of community builders converge to share knowledge, resources, and, under the aegis of its Mentorship Program, opportunities to develop for the next generation of builders.

Separately, Commsor’s C School trains and certifies aspiring Community Managers, and helps established community professionals upskill and hone their talents.

Commsor also offers Strategic Services to companies seeking to identify and cultivate their own communities from scratch, building a new heart and driving force for their businesses.

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