12 Dec 2022

The State of European Tech 2022: The Path Ahead

The State of European Tech report 2022 is now live, and this year’s story is unlike any before it. After an unparalleled 2021, the second half of this year saw the start of a global downturn, and the ecosystem now finds itself in a completely different reality.  But amid the noise, it can be hard to separate hope from hype, and headwinds from hysteria. We gathered some of the best minds in tech to unpick the year that has just passed, discuss the most interesting findings from the report, and explore what lies ahead for European tech. 

Before you dive into the talks, be sure to check out this year’s report - the definitive take on European tech, and our biggest yet, bringing together 450+ charts, 4000+ validated survey responses from across the continent, and 50 expert interviews.

Making sense of 2022

With Tom Wehmeier (Partner at Atomico and report co-author) and Sarah Guemouri (Principal at Atomico and report co-author)

The report’s co-authors take us on a whistle stop tour through this year’s report, explaining with data the new reality everyone in tech now finds themselves in. Despite a challenging macro environment, our report authors emerged from writing this with optimism about the European opportunity.

Our growth at all costs mindset is no longer viable.
Tom Wehmeier, Partner, Atomico

Europe’s role in shaping tomorrow

With James Anderson (Chairman, Kinnevik) and Judith Dada (GP, La Famiglia)

A passionate discussion between two heavyweights who entered the tech world in very different time periods, on the crucial role capital plays in shaping tech’s role in the future economy.

We need to get back to the question of what the purpose of finance is. And that’s to create great companies. 
James Anderson, Chairman, Kinnevik

The New Playbook for a New Era

With Tania Boler (Co-founder & CEO, Elvie) and Tom Mackenzie (Anchor, Bloomberg)

The founder of one of Europe’s most exciting, purpose driven companies talks candidly about tough decisions and new expectations following a turbulent year, and details her company’s journey to becoming profitable within the next month. 

Founders need to get on top of the details on the legal and the cash side. That might not seem exciting but it’s critical.
Tania Boler, Co-founder & CEO, Elvie

The Truth Behind 2022's Biggest Story

With Sebastian Siemiatkowski (CEO, Klarna) and Niklas Zennström (CEO, Atomico)

Sebastian returns to the State of European Tech stage to shed light on one of the most talked about fundraises of the year, and tell the real story behind the headlines.

I would be worried if you don’t take action. The most important thing is to realise that it’s a different world, and then be willing to make the tough decisions.
Sebastian Siemiatkowski, Co-founder & CEO, Klarna

The One Thing that Changed Everything & What Comes Next

With Federico Faggin (Inventor of the commercial microprocessor) and Lila Ibrahim (COO, Deepmind)

Federico is one of the most influential inventors you might never have heard of. His work has been fundamental in the trajectory of tech. Bill Gates himself credits Microsoft’s existence to one of his inventions. He joins another gamechanger, who is shaping how AI could change our world, for a journey through his career and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

My third company was my most successful because I understood how to build a culture.
Federico Faggin, Inventor of the commercial microprocessor

We Couldn’t Do This Without You

We owe the success of this year’s launch to all the people who helped make it happen: Our partners Slush, Orrick, Silicon Valley Bank and Lazard; our data partners; the 4,000+ members of the community who completed our survey; the 50 leaders who contributed their insights in the report and of course, the incredible people who joined us to share their perspectives for the launch.

We are already looking forward to diving into the data for 2023 so we can share it with you next year!

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