1 Mar 2023

Atomico hires Snowflake’s Thibaut Ceyrolle to lead new Go-to-Market and Sales function

Atomico partners with gamechanging founders on their scale up journey. Crucial to this success is our Growth Acceleration platform - a team of operational experts, supported by a network of external leaders - bringing demonstrated experience of global company building. Together they help founders avoid mistakes to supercharge business growth. The in-house team spans early employees and senior leaders from Google, Twitter, Skype, Farfetch, Wise, McKinsey and more. 

We’re delighted to welcome another true expert to this team, Thibaut Ceyrolle, as Partner helping our founders perfect their Sales and Go-to-Market strategies. Our State of European Tech founder survey identified Sales as an area of high demand from founders, yet a clear gap in the support offered by investors. This need has been quickly proven in Thibaut’s time with Atomico.

Thibaut was the first employee and Geo Vice President of Snowflake EMEA from 2017 to 2021. He led the region from day one to become the fastest growing software company in EMEA, setting up teams and offices across 14 countries, and culminating in their legendary $33 billion IPO. With a twenty-year career in software, Thibaut has a firm track record of running first class sales functions and building strong team cultures that lead to sales success. In that time he has developed practical, repeatable guidelines about how to attract and nurture great sales talent that are easily applied to technology companies across sectors and stages.

Thibaut was central to Snowflake’s monumental growth, and that experience has already proven invaluable to Atomico’s founders. It’s not typical for VCs to offer support with Sales and Go-to-Market, yet we’ve found practical support to be a true game changer. Early companies have amazing products but figuring out how to bring entirely new solutions to the market is often a struggle - particularly for founders without prior sales experience. Thibaut makes this process simple.
Dan Hynes, Partner and Head of Growth Acceleration at Atomico

Thibaut has been supporting Atomico as an Executive-in-Residence since September 2022, working closely with our portfolio to help them hire the right sales leaders, scale sales functions, build up repeatable processes and develop early sales teams. The demand for Thibaut’s time has quickly stretched the limits of the Executive-in-Residence role, making it an easy decision to bring him into the team full-time. 

Thibaut is a great addition to Atomico’s group of operators, providing hands-on advice about how to scale our Go-to-Market operations and team. He knows everyone in the industry, providing quick and direct feedback about what’s needed for our culture and scale.
Oskari Saarenmaa, CEO and co-founder of Atomico portfolio company Aiven
As the CEO of an early stage company, I have to play the role of a VP Revenue until we hire one. Thibaut’s deep experience means he’s able to help step into that role and coach my sales team, enabling us to get results much faster. I’ve worked with multiple advisors before, and Thibaut is the first sales coach to deliver value suited to my exact role.
Oliver Yates, CEO and co-founder of Atomico portfolio company Aplo

Thibaut will work closely with Growth Acceleration’s hands on Talent, Business Development, Communications, Community, Legal and Corporate Development leaders to grow Atomico’s portfolio across core functions. 

Welcome, Thibaut!

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