12 Apr 2023

Atomico furthers European presence, with new local hubs in Berlin and Stockholm, alongside Paris

Atomico has always been at the heart of the European ecosystem. We’re founded on the belief that great companies can come from anywhere, and that start-ups founded in Europe should have the same support to scale globally as those coming from Silicon Valley. From establishing one of the most authoritative reports on the ecosystem, to convening major politicians to discuss the potential of the sector, we've been dedicated to helping European tech flourish for over 15 years.

That principle has proven true in our track record. In fact 75% of investments from our most recent fund have been in EU based firms, and more than half (58%) of our investors hold an EU passport. 17 of the 26 billion dollar companies Atomico has so far partnered with, have been headquartered in Europe. 

But we know there’s even greater potential on the horizon, and the data supports that. As our State of European Tech report shows, Europe’s early stage start-up pipeline is now matching that of the US. Europe holds 31% of global early-stage funding rounds of under $5m, versus 33% in the US — with both regions converting 1.9% of seed-funded startups to unicorn status. Europe now has structural advantages of talent and regulatory support that indicate a new scale of potential on a global stage.

The time is right to increase Atomico’s physical footprint in Europe and today we’ve opened new local hubs in Berlin and Stockholm, in addition to expanding our Paris presence. These are world-class cities for innovation, as our recent investments in y42, Vaayu, PocketLaw, and Aplo are already demonstrating.

We’ll have dedicated team members for all three locations, with Mathieu Marc, VP and Konstantin Zedelius, VP, full-time in France and Germany respectively, supported by Partners Laura Connell and Luca Eisenstecken who are active in each market. Our Stockholm presence will be supported by Associate Amanda Hultman and Partner Andreas Helbig. Atomico has long been active across Europe, and we look forward to becoming an even deeper part of these local communities to partner with Europe’s most progressive and ambitious technology companies.

Andreas Helbig and Amanda Hultman in the Stockholm office

Atomico founder and CEO, Niklas Zennström, says: Atomico’s founding mission was to help build a strong European technology ecosystem. Seventeen years later the region is flourishing and we’re just as committed - extending our presence on the ground is a natural next step. Even in this age of remote working, European tech thrives on in-person community building and we want to be at the heart of that. I’m enormously excited to help a new generation of technology start-ups scale from Europe to the rest of the world. 

You can find the details of the new offices on our ‘locations’ page.

Luca Eisenstecken and Konstantin Zedelius in the Berlin office

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