Mathieu Marc

Mathieu is a VP on the Investment team in London. He primarily focuses on France and other early stage investment opportunities (Seed / Series A) across Europe.

I started my career as a banker, but I promise that I’m not that dry.

I worked at J.P. Morgan in London for 3 years, primarily within the Leveraged Finance team and with a focus on the TMT sector. I also spent a year working alongside the team responsible for digitizing investment banking by both building internal tools and by partnering with startups - which is much easier said than done for a company of that size and complexity. I would love to use some of these learnings to help companies (or ideas!) wherever useful.

I have a profound admiration for mission-driven founders.

I’m passionate about founders that put their mission over and above everything else. Their strong conviction about the impact their company will have on their users and beyond typically allows them to hire the very best people, by providing them with a deep sense of belonging and purpose. I also love that I often find myself dreaming of working at their company.

This is a long-term game with constantly changing rules.

In a forward looking game where the setting, the players, and even the rules are constantly evolving, it’s vital for founders to be flexible and to think strategically. I’m always impressed by founders who are able to constantly iterate their current strategy as a result of how they see the market, the competition, or their target customers developing in the next 3-5 years. 

Happy to talk in English, in French, or in a mix of both.

I grew up in English speaking countries for the most part but originally come from a French family, so whatever floats your boat works for me. Google translate is my friend for any other language. Also - hit me up if you’re going to Corsica!

We can bond over music anytime, anywhere - Spotify is the new Twitter.

I played guitar for over a decade and recently expanded my horizons to other string instruments. I picked up the Ronroco after listening to the soundtrack of Motorcycle Diaries - and it’s absolutely beautiful, especially when played by someone else than me. Aside from playing instruments, I love to bond over Spotify playlists of any genre.

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