Founded by Shilpika Gautam


Opna’s mission is to enable corporates to credibly meet their net zero goals by mobilising capital into high-quality climate projects, with speed, scale, and with equity.

5200 businesses worldwide have made commitments to achieve net zero targets by 2050. However, these bold commitments are falling short, with only 7% of companies on track to fulfil their pledges. The reality is that to accelerate this pace and reach their net zero goals in a cost and time efficient manner, corporates will have to offset and inset emissions in the voluntary carbon market (“VCM”). 

While the VCM is projected to become a trillion dollar industry, the prevalent mechanism in the market of purchasing carbon credits is strained by quality concerns and supply shortfalls, exacerbated by an anticipated explosion of demand in the years ahead.

Opna is building the carbon project financing platform that enables corporates to discover, finance and monitor trustworthy and high-quality carbon projects in a transparent, cost-effective, and timely manner.

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