Founded by Jonathan Sanders and Filip Kozjak


Light’s platform enables finance teams to build their own digital ledger that’s clean, organised, and bespoke to their needs. It’s the actual one-stop shop that comes at a fraction of the cost and loading times of its competitors, and works alongside the finance team - not against them. By helping companies run finance at the speed of light, Light is unleashing new possibilities for finance teams to create value and drive the business forward.

The legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems powering finance and accounting in large enterprises are broken. Existing software isn’t up to scratch - it’s decades old, fragmented, slow, eye-wateringly expensive, isn’t built for scale, and can’t perform all the functions a modern company needs.

Enterprise resource management isn’t something companies can afford to do poorly. It’s  essential to have a precise grip on your financial data, payroll, sales, CRM, HR, and other critical business information. Light is radically transforming ERP with an intelligent, global-ready cloud platform built from the ground up for the needs of modern finance.

With an advanced architecture, in-memory ledger, AI automation, and intuitive user experience, Light shatters the limitations of legacy systems. The result is dramatically faster performance, smarter processes, and simpler user workflows that improve the speed and quality of work across accounting, tax, payments and reporting.