Sarah Guemouri

Sarah is a Principal based in London, part of the Insights function at Atomico, and co-author of the State of European Tech report. She is responsible for Intelligence initiatives at Atomico, such as research supporting sourcing and evaluation of investment opportunities, providing regular insights on investment activity , competitive intelligence and key technology trends. 

I’m obsessed about finding ways to give our investment team and our companies superpowers through tech and intelligent process automation. If you are building solutions to improve team collaboration, manage data,  and generate insights, I would love to hear from you! 

Data is the ally of the underdog

As investors become more data-led, fundraising should become a more level playing field but it is our responsibility to democratize access to the knowledge needed to play by the rules of the game.

Data keeps us intellectually honest

Spotting and understanding change today is key to good investment decisions. Curiosity and the ability to constantly question our own beliefs is paramount. What are our blindspots? Which biases do we have? How do we root decisions in facts and data rather than feelings or beliefs? Are we making progress? Data makes us more efficient, systematic and honest in the way we approach the universe of possibilities in front of us.


I come from a small town in Alsace, where opportunities were limited and networks in short supply

I am always up for a challenge  and a good dose of hustle helps find doors and unlock new opportunities. I have always set myself with big ambitions, because if I am going to spend time and effort, it better be worth it!

Working at a scale-up taught me how to operationalise and scale data-driven insights  

Directly before joining Atomico, I worked in business development  at App Annie, a mobile data intelligence scaleup . My role was all about generating insights from data and quickly became cross-functional as I realised there were opportunities to operationalise and scale my work. I ended up collaborating with Product and Marketing to improve both the customer acquisition and experience.

My family taught me the value of education, hard work and curiosity

My grandfather was from a very rural part of the South of Morocco with no electricity and decided to move to a bigger city with more opportunities. My dad came to France when he was 18 with very little  besides a good education and an open mind. I am committed to being a lifelong learner as I saw first-hand the power of hard work and education, and how that positively impacts social mobility. 

The importance of academic credentials can be overstated

Talent can come from any background. I have gone through public schools and then to a good French business school but some would say not “elite”. The friendships I made and what they taught me are just as valuable (if not more) to me as my alma mater.

Understanding myself helps me understand others better

I have always enjoyed  exploring ways to cultivate a deeper connection with myself through art and movement. … I find it helps me lay out my thoughts clearly, nurture my creativity and push my understanding of myself and other people.

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