Marta Naidenova

Marta is a VP on the Investment team in London, where she works on sourcing and due diligence of new investment opportunities as well as portfolio management. She is the market lead for UK & Ireland, and also spends time on various topics in the B2B space across Europe.

Directly before Atomico, I spent 3 years as an Investment Banker at J.P. Morgan in London.

I worked with large cap companies in the technology space going through IPOs, debt/equity financing processes and M&A - and saw what success in the public markets looks like. My goal now is to use that experience to help founders scale to a unicorn stage and beyond.

If you can’t invent the future the next best thing is to fund it.

Ever since I was little, I always liked delving into a variety of topics and looking for clues when solving a problem. Working in VC now gives me the intellectual challenge of having to understand different technologies, products, business models and people, as well as making decisions based on limited information.

What do you look for in founders?

When I think of the qualities I want to see from founders, the first that springs to mind is agility. Whilst it is paramount to stay true to your long-term vision, being able to adapt in rapidly changing conditions, trust the advice & experience of others, and course-correct quickly can be the difference between success and failure.

You’re only as good as the people around you.

So make sure they are as good as you need them to be. No company succeeds because of its founder alone - but plenty have failed because their founders didn’t have a strong, trustworthy, dedicated team and advisors around them.

Being in a diverse environment helps us thrive.

Having studied in an international high school in Bulgaria since I was 14, then moving to Italy to pursue Finance at Bocconi University, and now living & working in London have all helped me appreciate the value of diversity to everyday life, idea-generation and problem solving. That’s why at Atomico we are a diverse team and advocate for that with our companies.

Nature helps me clear my mind and rebalance.

I love the buzz and vibrancy of cities but there is something captivating about mountains. Having hiked throughout the Alps, Norwegian Fjords, completed the UK’s 3 peaks challenge, and visited many other places besides, I’m currently looking for the next adventure.

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