Kasit Rochanakorn

Kasit Rochanakorn is General Counsel at Atomico based in London. Kasit provides guidance to the Atomico investment teams on the negotiation and execution of investments, divestments and general corporate matters.

My aim is to ensure that founders enjoy a smooth investment and closing process when partnering with Atomico. I also act as a sounding board to founders and the general counsels of our portfolio companies as they navigate complex legal issues and regulatory hurdles.

I have grown up all over the world

I am originally from Thailand and was born in Switzerland. I grew up in Sri Lanka, China, Japan and Russia before finally settling in the UK. What I love about VC is how international the global scene is - as someone that grew up all over the world it’s exciting to have the privilege of working, for example, with an investment team consisting of colleagues from Romania, Denmark and Bulgaria.

The best founders are also great risk managers

The best founders I have worked with are ones that not only have a vision for their company and the ability to foster incredible cultures and develop incredible people but those who are also excellent risk managers - the ones that can see around corners at looming issues, calibrate their tolerance and are five steps ahead in terms of navigating the issues (their companies tend to also be much easier to DD). 

Over the past 10+ years I have been privileged to have advised and been involved with some fascinating businesses

Prior to joining Atomico, I was an Executive Director & Senior Counsel at Goldman Sachs in London where I was responsible for the legal coverage of the firm's growth equity fund in Europe. At Goldman Sachs, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to lead the legal side of our investments into incredible companies such as Nutmeg, Wolt, OutSystems, Redis Labs and BackMarket. Before that I worked as a Senior Associate in the private equity team at White & Case. During my time in private practice, I advised some of the largest institutional investors in the world on their investments and M&A including Bridgepoint, Oaktree Capital and Partners Group. 

The investment process is only the start of a very long term relationship with our founders. I honestly believe that if we ever leave a negotiation feeling like we've won every point then we've already lost the game.
Kasit Rochanakorn

It’s our responsibility to make sure our portfolio companies are the best they can be - not just in terms of market impact but also in terms of social responsibility

In addition to my law degree, I also have a Masters Degree in Human Rights from the London School of Economics and, prior to entering the world of VC and PE, I briefly worked with the United Nations in both Thailand and Russia. One of the key things that made me join Atomico is the firm's dedication to making ESG a core part of it's investment operations and philosophy.  I am passionate about helping founders to think through the human, social and environmental impacts of their businesses as they grow. 

In another life, I might have been an explorer - it would combine my two great passions:  endurance sports and adventure travelling

I am fascinated by all things related to the polar regions and have been to both the Arctic and Antarctica. I have also completed both the Berlin and London marathons and on most (non-COVID) years you will find me running the London Landmarks Half Marathon in the summer and riding the Festive500 in the winter. 

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