Georgia Forbes

Georgia ia a principal at Atomico, based in London, where she focuses on Growth investment opportunities across enterprise, fintech and consumer. Her role involves sourcing, due diligence, and continued support to portfolio companies from Series B onwards.

I wanted to be part of the entrepreneurial journey

I started my career in investment banking in New York, where I mastered the art of creating beautiful PowerPoint slides and Excel spreadsheets on very little sleep. While being in the rooms with public company CEOs and having exposure to their decision-making process was exciting, I quickly realised that I wanted to be more than an advisor.

From start-up to scale-up

I moved to London to join Balderton Capital as an early member of their Growth team, partnering with late-stage enterprise SaaS and fintech businesses. Most recently, I was a Vice President at Left Lane Capital in London, concentrating on Series A investments in the consumer and health sectors. This diverse experience across various stages, sectors, and geographies has provided me with a broad perspective on the investment landscape and a deep understanding of what it takes to drive success throughout a company’s journey.

Proudly Canadian, always

Despite living abroad for over a decade, my Canadian roots remain strong. No matter how long I live in the UK, hockey will always be played on the ice rather than a field, and Pret will never quite compare to Tim Horton’s.

Nice people finish first

The most successful founders inspire by doing and foster an environment of collaboration, respect, and, most importantly, fun. When I sit with a founder and think, "I want to work for this person!" I know I've found someone special. Visiting the offices of the companies we work with is crucial; seeing people engaged, hustling and smiling tells you everything you need to know about the culture.

Embrace the challenges

I've learned that the journey is never as straightforward as the pitch deck suggests—that's where the real excitement begins. I thrive on tackling challenges with founders, especially in uncharted territories. My competitive spirit, shaped by years of team sports, drives me to be the first call a founder makes during critical moments. I aim to be the teammate they rely on when it counts the most.

Gamechangers at heart

I'm passionate about supporting founders who tackle big, meaningful problems. I love to see first hand, lived experience of a problem, a deep understanding of the challenges, and an unwavering commitment to solving them. These founders aren't just building businesses; they're driving change and making a tangible impact. When I see this kind of dedication, I know I'm looking at someone who has the potential to change the world.

London parks are second to none

If I’m not at work, you’ll most likely find me exploring London’s parks with my labrador, Lily, who you may even see from time to time at the Atomico office.

I have a passion for travelling and exploring new cultures. However, when I get some time off, nothing beats heading home, especially if I can align my visit with the Calgary Stampede!

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