Federico Ruosi

Federico is an Associate at Atomico, based in London, where he works on sourcing, due diligence, and portfolio management for early stage companies. He primarily focuses on Spain, Italy and Portugal, as well as Central and Eastern European countries.

I worked as a consultant and startup operator before becoming an investor

I started my career as a management consultant. This experience provided a solid foundation for my next step when I moved into a hands-on operational role within a start-up. In this environment, I was immersed in the realities of building a business from the ground up and gained invaluable insights into the grit, resilience and innovative thinking required to navigate the early stages of a company's growth. These experiences proved to be highly complementary and have been instrumental in shaping my approach as an investor.

Passion and perseverance can take you a long way

I am particularly inspired by energetic founders who are truly passionate about the problem they are solving with their business. Building a business is by no means a straight line. Successful founders are driven by a deep passion for their vision and an unwavering energy to overcome the obstacles they face along the way.

Onwards and upwards

Throughout my career, I have found it incredibly valuable to surround myself with people who strive for continuous growth and improvement. The compounding effect of learning new things and taking small steps forward every day is enormous.

Moving around has helped me to appreciate the value of diversity

While maintaining strong roots in Italy, my journey over the last few years has taken me to various corners of the globe. Living, studying and working in different countries in Europe, Asia and the US has given me the unique opportunity to immerse myself in different cultures, business environments and social settings. All these experiences have led me to appreciate the value of diversity and to see it as a driver of creativity and progress.

I find peace of mind through sport, friendship and the sea

I love football and have been playing since I can remember. I grew up dreaming of being an AC Milan player and watching those magical Champions League nights. Recently, I have started to appreciate other sports such as tennis and running. When I'm not running towards my next half-marathon goal, I'm probably enjoying a sunny day at the beach with friends.

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