Camilla Richards

Camilla Richards is Partner and Head of Investor Relations at Atomico, based in London. She oversees fundraising and the firm’s relationships with its investors globally. Camilla is passionate about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and is actively involved in furthering DEI across the alternatives industry as Chair of Atomico's DEI Task Force.

I’ve always been fascinated by how things work.

Pursuing this childhood interest led me to study for a MSci in Physics at Imperial College London. An internship with a venture firm during my studies opened my eyes to the marriage of technology and finance, and the transformative potential for change that this union can bring - it helped me see the potential to get involved with companies that can transform our world. 

We may work in the tech space, but, at their heart, all businesses are people businesses.

It is incredibly important for us to build trusted relationships with all of our stakeholders. We want to develop long-term and transparent relationships with our LPs, to build value for all sides. 

Growing up in London taught me the value of cross-cultural collaboration.

The cultural diversity on display in London is the greatest argument for the benefits of people from across the world, spanning different cultures and backgrounds, coming together to pool their abilities - that’s what makes it in my view, one of the best cities in the world. 

Diversity isn't always present in our industry, and I'm passionate about changing that.

I'm Chair of Atomico's Diversity Equity and Inclusion Taskforce, to further diversity within the firm. I'm also a member of the Council for Investing in Female Entrepreneurs and the Level 20 Senior Leaders Committee.

I’ve done my time in the world of finance and alternative investments.

Before joining Atomico, I spent six years at Apollo Management where I was most recently responsible for investor relations and fundraising for European Principal Finance Funds. I also held several roles at Citigroup as part of the Private Equity Placements and Technology, Media and Telecoms Corporate Finance groups.

It has been a privilege to have seen European tech go from strength to strength, fueling an increase in the volume and scale of outcomes from home-grown founders. Importantly, it has been rewarding to see a growing number of local and international investors recognising this, and backing local investors to enable them to participate in the successes of tomorrow.
Camilla Richards

Being a celiac, I learnt that if I wanted to eat good gluten free cake, I was going to have to bake it myself. If anyone has any great recipes to share - or a revolutionary solution to how to mass-produce gluten-free baked goods that actually taste nice - I’m all ears. 

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