Alvaro Campos

Alvaro is an Associate at Atomico, based in London, where he works on sourcing, due diligence, and portfolio management for growth stage companies. He primarily focuses on the UK and Southern European markets.

Prior to Atomico, I was an Investment Banker at Bank of America for almost 4 years

I started covering Financial Institutions, however I always had a passion for tech companies so decided to switch my focus to Technology, Media and Telecoms, focusing on businesses in the internet and software space.

While at Bank of America, I got to meet many VC investors and founders, and was immediately captivated by the constant buzz of new ideas and innovations. After making my first personal investments in two tech startups, I realised I wanted to pursue a career in VC. 

Choosing the right teammates is crucial

During my time at Atomico, and previously at Bank of America, I have been fortunate to work with founders across very different stages, from series A all the way to IPO. The road to creating a successful company is a tough one, highlighting the importance of selecting the right partners to accompany you through that journey. Quoting my favourite childhood book, “the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack”. 

I love founders who look for the silver lining

I have always found that I learn the most through failure. It is in those moments when everything seems to be falling apart that the greatest opportunities often emerge. I deeply admire and enjoy meeting founders who are resilient and showcase an ability to navigate turbulent situations.

A diverse team will make you grow professionally and personally

I moved from Madrid to London upon finishing university. While leaving the best city in the world was a difficult decision, it allowed me to meet incredible people and have some amazing new experiences. I love working with people from different backgrounds to my own, and I think this is essential to building world-class teams.

Sports, music and travelling are what keep my engine running

Outside work, I enjoy mixed martial arts and basketball - in my prime I was fortunate to play against a few now NBA players.

I love travelling with friends, preferably somewhere sunny with great food.

I am also extremely passionate about music - people that have worked with me know this is not necessarily an outside-the-office activity for me...

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