Abigail Daniels

Abbie is Communications Director at Atomico, where she splits her time between supporting the later stage portfolio and building the Atomico brand. She helps growth companies grow best-in-class communications teams and navigate the challenges that come with growth funding moments, including IPOs and liquidity events

I’m all about helping founders with a bold mission to do good in the world, multiply their reach. The best brands have a memorable founding story at the heart of what they do.

I know the challenges start-up comms teams face - I’ve been there at Wise

Before Atomico, I led global PR at Wise. Joining just after Series C in 2015, when the company was known as TransferWise, I grew the comms team to 18 people. We covered 30+ markets across Europe, the Americas and APAC. Before that, I worked with start-ups and multinational corporations at PR agencies Hotwire and Fishburn Hedges.

Steering the comms for Wise’s direct listing on the London Stock Exchange was my biggest challenge

Inspired by Spotify in the US, Wise’s direct listing was not only the first of its nature on the London Stock Exchange, but also the largest ever tech listing in London. We built the comms approach around Wise’s mission-led story, centring it on the customers who made the mission reality. It was all consuming, but so worth it for the global media moment.

It’s harder than ever to attract media attention

Founders need to be able to explain why their technologies are changing the world in simple terms. Focus your story on the change we’ll see 10 years from now, not the tech you have today.

A great comms strategy is pointless if you don’t have the right press relationships

Blending media hustle and strategic thinking is essential in formulating a world leading comms team. Successful media strategies don’t tend to be born of people who never speak to journalists.

Communications is a long-term game. I have a lot of empathy for founders and early comms teams, who expect to see a fast turnaround from what can seem like a significant investment. Getting your founder story right, and everyone in the company to learn it by heart, will pay dividends as you grow.
Abigail Daniels

I graduated from St Andrews with an MA in English Literature

Throughout my studies I pursued a career in journalism, securing a place on a BBC programme for students. After a memorable interview with Mysterious Girl singer Peter Andre, I decided my talents were better pointed in a different direction.

At the weekend, you’ll find me in my wellies

I’ll be dragging my partner around the hills of Kent, or walking the dogs with family in Norfolk.

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