Founded by Thomas von der Ohe, Bogdan Djukic, Fabrizio Scelsi


Vay is a Berlin-based deep technology company that is on track to launch the first driverless, safety-certified, commercial fleet on European public streets in 2022. Unique about Vay is its teledrive-first approach to autonomous driving.

Vay’s fleet of vehicles is already operating with safety drivers across all of Berlin today. Recent technological and regulatory advancements will allow Vay to remove the safety driver from its vehicles next year. 

Thomas von der Ohe, Fabrizio Scelsi, and Bogdan Djukic founded Vay in September 2018. Their team combines the best of two worlds - software and product experience from Silicon Valley and automotive hardware & safety engineering from Europe. Vay’s team members have previously worked at companies such as Tesla, Google, Waymo, Zoox, Byton, Argo, Amazon, Uber as well as Audi, BMW, and Daimler, and have founded various companies before.

 The company has offices in Berlin, Germany, and Portland, OR.

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