Founded by Marit Rødevand, Sigve Søråsen, Patrick Skjennum


Strise is an innovative intelligence platform which combines a powerful knowledge graph with an intuitive user interface. By integrating network, AI, and NLP technologies, Strise provides comprehensive, real-time KYC and AML checks, and enables banks to pull and analyse vital data in real-time.

Strise is the game-changing answer to combating the $1.6 trillion global money laundering problem. As financial crime rises, and with AML fines surging over 50% to $5 billion annually, Strise is revolutionising the way compliance teams in finance, law, and shipping fight these crimes.

By integrating network, AI, and NLP technologies, Strise's intuitive platform pulls and analyses crucial data in real time, breaking down traditional barriers and streamlining KYC and AML processes. Users have seen an 80% reduction in diligence time, a process cut from an hour to just 12 minutes, alongside a 30% cost reduction. Offering clear audit trails and automated risk assessment reports, Strise is the AML platform you'll actually want to use.

⁠Founders Marit, Sigve and Patrick are on a mission to make fighting financial crime more efficient, easier, and effective from Day 1.

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