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Scoutbee takes the world’s most powerful supplier data and puts it into perspective. Their AI based SaaS platform supports the most important decision in procurement and supply chain globally: Which supplier should I work with? German Gregor Stühler founded Scoutbee in 2015 to build a software platform, using AI in production since 2018, to help answer this question amongst a variety of adjacent, highly complex problems.

Despite increasing supply chain costs and complexity, rising geopolitical tensions, and concerns about sustainability, there is often no insightful, transparent and hyper-efficient way for companies to connect with suppliers. Private sector companies spend on average 43% of their total costs on external purchasing, yet many still knock on doors or rely on outdated black books of contacts and emails to find vital suppliers.

Scoutbee offers a plug and play enterprise grade AI solution to make better supplier choices. Customers can connect supplier data points across systems, solutions and also external data providers to one definitive supplier record. The platform then aggregates and merges the record with machine learning without a human involved and the aggregated data is then connected to one knowledge graph and AI to answer even the most complex supply base decisions -  resulting in one central decision making centre for their customers.

Scoutbee’s SaaS solution is trusted by 500+ of the largest companies in the world, including Audi, Unilever & Siemens and has a global team based between San Francisco and Berlin.

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