Founded by Felipe Navio and Juan Urdiales


Jobandtalent solves two major pain-points in the world of recruitment: matching the right talent with the right jobs, and massively reducing the bureaucracy involved in the hiring process.

Talented people everywhere now have smartphones, yet when it comes to the recruitment industry most of the work is still conducted offline, using outdated and inefficient business approaches like job postings in retail stores or manual screening of CVs.

By using sophisticated algorithms to filter out the right jobs for the right people across millions of users and hundreds of thousands of employers, Jobandtalent is bringing unprecedented scale, speed and precision to the SME hiring process. Now for the first time, companies will be able to instantly access a pipeline of highly qualified candidates and manage the screening in real time, for free and from the convenience of their mobile.

With their innovative transaction-based platform, Jobandtalent will further help SMEs dramatically reduce their overheads as they onboard successful candidates. By automatically conducting background checks, enforcing standard employment contracts with online signature capabilities, tracking working hours as well as filing taxes and employee benefits, Jobandtalent will save companies hundreds of hours a year and help them quickly respond to their continuously changing recruiting needs. This is a big challenge in the high-churn, low margin service industry.

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