Founded by Robert Laing and Matthew Romaine


Gengo provides fast, affordable, and high quality translation services in all major languages by 1000s of certified translators worldwide.

Gengo was founded in 2008 by Matthew Romaine and Robert Laing. Prior to starting Gengo, Romaine was an audio research engineer and translator with Sony Corporation, and Laing headed Moresided, a UK-based design agency. Romaine thought of the concept for Gengo due to his experience being asked to translate documents in Japanese and English at Sony, despite originally being hired as an engineer. Prior to its early 2012 rebranding, the company was known as "myGengo."

In April 2010, the company launched their API, allowing developers to integrate Gengo’s translation platform into third-party applications, web sites and widgets. In March 2018, the company launched Gengo AI, an on-demand platform that provides crowdsourced multilingual training data to machine learning developers.

In January 2019, Gengo and Gengo AI were acquired by Lionbridge Technologies and is being rebranded to Lionbridge AI.

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