Founded by Nader AlSalim


Gaia is redesigning access to fertility care using predictive technology to create fertility insurance products that take the financial uncertainty out of difficult procedures, enabling more people to become parents.

Gaia offers a new way to pay for fertility care starting with a model that provides personalised insurance and payment plans for people going through IVF treatments. Gaia’s technology uses secure and clinically validated datasets to predict the number of IVF rounds a couple will likely need, in addition to a range of clinics that can offer the right treatment. 

By introducing a greater element of predictability into the fertility process, Gaia is able to develop insurance that gives people greater visibility over the number of IVF rounds they will likely need to undertake and a fairer way to access them. 

The model means that those who do not have a live birth in the rounds subject to Gaia’s prediction technology pay a fraction of the cost of the treatment, while those that do have a baby spread the cost into manageable monthly payments over time. This allows prospective parents to pursue their treatment with upfront clarity on their costs.

Gaia founder and CEO Nader AlSalim

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