Founded by Martin Varsavsky


fon is a global WiFi network driven by a community WiFi approach, and through strategic partnerships with leading telecommunication companies and WiFi providers including British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom Group, SFR, SoftBank, Telstra, KPN, Proximus, Vodafone, Virgin Media, and The Cloud.

Fon Wireless Ltd. is a company incorporated and registered in the United Kingdom that provides wireless services. Fon was founded in Madrid, Spain, in 2006, by Martín Varsavsky where it headquarters most of its operations.

Fon started out by building its Wi-Fi network through devices called "foneras". Members, whom the company called "Foneros", agreed to share a part of their bandwidth as a Wi-Fi signal, so that they could connect to other members' hotspots.

As the company evolved, it shifted its focus to working with mobile operators and telecommunication providers, and expanded from deploying residential Wi-Fi to providing access and technology to carriers and services providers. Fon claims to operate a network of over 20,000,000 WiFi hotspots.

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