Founded by Andreas Cleve, Lars Maaløe PhD


Corti offers AI assistants for healthcare professionals that help to deliver excellent quality care during patient interactions, with minimal administrative workload. Trained on millions of patient interactions, Corti’s AI Co-Pilot can follow a patient interaction, understanding what’s been said and shared in real-time.

With rising demand and limited resources, the global healthcare system faces immense strain. Doctors spend just 3 hours per day interacting with patients, compared to 6 hours on admin work like updating electronic health records. This burden results in physician burnout and medical errors - 88% of initial diagnoses are incorrect.⁠

⁠Corti has built a top-tier medical AI focusing on text and audio data. Backed by extensive peer-reviewed research, Corti’s tech team continues to drive innovative breakthroughs and seminal clinical evidence. The proprietary AI software offers real-time guidance during patient interactions and accurately handles documentation and medical coding. By prompting physicians when necessary, Corti aims to enhance care and create better health outcomes.

⁠Corti has been proven to allow the healthcare worker to become up to 40% more accurate in outcome-predictions and 90% faster in handling the administrative tasks. The goal is to give every provider augmented by the Co-Pilot an extra day of work per week through automations, and Corti is well on the way to proving that.

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