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  1. Partnerships
    12 Jun 2024

    Our Investment in Light: the First AI-Powered General Ledger for Global Company Finances

    Since it was created in the 1980s, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has become widely adopted and sits underneath most businesses’ operations. It’s a market now valued at $81.5 billion and is projected to grow to $240 billion by 2032.

  2. Partnerships
    15 May 2024

    Our Investment in Harbor Lab: Modernising Accounting in the $14T Global Shipping Industry

    Transporting cargo is rife with complications, from mounting geopolitical crises to new environmental legislation. But legacy processes are adding further complications for those operating in this crucial $14T industry.

  3. Partnerships
    6 Sept 2023

    Our Investment in Strise: Overhauling the Way We Fight Financial Crime

  4. Partnerships
    10 Jul 2023

    Unlocking the Power of Digital Twins

  5. Partnerships
    27 Jun 2023

    Our Investment in Dexory: Modernising Warehouses, the beating heart of the supply chain

  6. Partnerships
    15 Mar 2022

    Our Investment in ChannelEngine: The Ecommerce and Marketplace Management Suite

  7. Atomico
    30 Nov 2021

    Our Investment in Abacum: Empowering finance teams to make organisations thrive

  8. Partnerships
    25 Oct 2021

    Our Investment in Y42: The first scalable data platform that anyone can run

  9. Atomico
    26 Jan 2021

    The Data Opportunity: the Emergence of a New Layer in Modern Enterprise

  10. Atomico
    6 May 2020

    After the crisis: Automate to accelerate

  11. Partnerships
    13 Mar 2019

    Our Investment in Automation Hero: empowering information workers through AI

  12. Partnerships
    15 Mar 2018

    Our Investment in Streetbees: Rich insight into communities anywhere in the world at unprecedented scale

  13. Atomico
    7 Mar 2017

    On AI, Robots and Data: Progressing intelligently

  14. Partnerships
    10 Jan 2017

    Our Investment in Scandit: disrupting the supply chain with computer vision


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