24 Jan 2018

What can our Growth Acceleration Team do for your company?

At Atomico, we’ve spent years building the most experienced team of founders, investors and operators to help European entrepreneurs take a product that works and make it a global success.

We have done this because we know, from first-hand experience, that scaling a company is hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

A critical component of our approach, and one of our key differentiators in the European market, is our Growth Acceleration Team.

Every member of the Atomico Growth Acceleration Team has hard-won experience founding or scaling some of the most successful companies in the world — Facebook, Uber, Skype, Supercell, Spotify, Virgin and Google. And they work across the world, with experienced people in Europe, China, Japan, South America and the US.

Everyday our Growth Acceleration Team is working hand-in-glove with founders on the hardest aspects of scaling: hiring and retaining the best talent, market-entry and partnerships, user growth, marketing and communications. We deeply respect the drive and vision of our founders but, where necessary, we challenge them and have the hard conversations about focusing on the things that really move the needle.

They work as a real team, with a clear and systematic approach in how they engage and help our portfolio company founders, not as a collection of names on our website. They work closely with each other so that our founders can focus on their companies.

But we often get asked the question…who are the people behind this team? What are they like? And how can they help my company?

To tell this story properly we sat down with Tech.eu, Europe’s leading startup news and marketing intelligence company, and several of our portfolio company founders including Timo Rein from Pipedrive, Juan Urdiales from Jobandtalent, Ben Pugh from Farmdrop, Christian Faes from LendInvest, Samuel Mueller from Scandit and Ilkka Paananen from Supercell.

We have known two of Tech.eu’s founders, Robin and Ivo, for many years and have been big supporters of their mission to provide a more holistic and in-depth approach to covering the European technology industry. We have long admired their ability to go both deep and wide on European technology as a whole and deliver data-driven analysis, news with nuance and context, opinionated but thoughtful commentary, combined with solid research.

Most of all, like us, we admire their unending conviction in the rising ambition levels, strength and depth of European founders.

Due to the bredth and international scale of our Growth Acceleration Team, Tech EU chose to tell this story in two parts. Part 1 — entitled ‘The State of Atomico: up close and personal with one of Europe’s premier venture funds and its ‘Growth Acceleration Team’ — and Part 2 — entitled ‘The State of Atomico and its growth team Part 2: From London to China, Brazil and the rest of the world’.

This is the first time this team- drawn from Europe, China, Japan, South America and the US — has told their story in their own words.

We hope it will help explain, for the first time, what we can really do to supercharge your company.

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