28 Jun 2018

Our Investment in Oh BiBi: Bringing epic game genres to tiny screens

When we published our games investment thesis recently we identified a huge trend in mobile games will be around PC and console game genres that historically haven’t made the successful transition to mobile. We believe there is an opportunity there to create deeper, more engaging games on mobile, that keep players coming back for more.

With that opportunity for Europe to once again dominate on the global games stage, we are very proud to announce today our investment in Paris-based mobile games studio . Oh BiBi is on a mission to create beautiful, fun and seductive mobile-first experiences of the world’s most successful PC and console game genres.

Put simply, we believe that Oh BiBi is the best games company in the industry to tackle this challenge of going after the big PC and console genres. Oh BiBi founders Stanislas Dewavrin and Martial Valery have enormous global ambition levels, are visionary European entrepreneurs and have 18 years experience in building blockbuster mobile games and 150 titles between them including Minion Rush (860m players) and Asphalt (650m players).

Oh BiBi, whose mobile-first arcade racing title has already attracted 30m downloads to date, are now taking on the $9B+ shooter genre with the soft launch of their debut hero shooter title FRAG exclusively for iOS and Android devices. Shooters are only just beginning to gain a foothold on mobile and, with Fortnite bringing momentum to the market in the shooter space, FRAG (developed specifically for mobile devices), is looking to take the genre to the next level.

In addition to gameplay, Oh BiBi have implemented a social platform within FRAG which goes beyond the game itself integrating communication and video sharing into the heart of the experience. These social features seamlessly complement gameplay helping gamers simply record and socialise their FRAG experience with friends and other gamers across their networks.

We know from our experience with prior games investments such as Supercell how special the Oh BiBi team is and we can’t wait to support them on the next stage of their journey.