9 Dec 2015

Our Investment in GoEuro: transforming the way we travel in Europe

Technology has completely transformed the way we search for and book our travel tickets. But with so many ways to get around and so many operating companies, it’s difficult to seek out the best deals. Berlin-based GoEuro has developed a single platform enabling people to find the fastest, cheapest and simplest way of getting from Amsterdam to Barcelona, whether by rail, bus, air or car.

Founded by Naren Shaam just two and a half years ago, GoEuro solved the complex challenge of integrating with more than 350 transportation companies across 11 European countries and making it very easy for travellers to book a ticket. By covering all major modes of transport for 400 million people, GoEuro is well-placed to lead Europe’s $200B intercity travel market. Its customers already hail from 120 countries globally.

We’re delighted to announce we are participating in GoEuro’s $45m Series B round. Among others, we’re investing alongside the founders of Supercell and Klarna, Ilkka Paananen and Sebastian Siemiatkowski, both leading examples of successful European entrepreneurs reinvesting in the next generation of technology companies.

This round will allow Naren to scale his business into the most comprehensive travel platform in Europe — making thousands of destinations available for travellers around the globe. Headquartered in Berlin, GoEuro proves once again that Europe’s ecosystem is going from strength to strength.

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