13 Mar 2019

Our Investment in Automation Hero: empowering information workers through AI

German entrepreneur Stefan Groschupf has spent the past 25 years developing machine learning solutions for some of the most complex enterprise environments. As one of the earliest big data activists working on the Apache Hadoop project, and most recently with big data business intelligence company Datameer — which counted over 50% of the Fortune 50 as customers — he has also proved himself able to scale companies on both sides of the Atlantic.

But as Stefan saw a shift in customer demand from business intelligence to business automation, and in emerging technologies from big data to AI, he knew there was a new opportunity to be captured, and moved his sights to building the next generation of robotic process automation.

The robotic process automation (RPA) market has seen extreme growth in the last few years, but current technology was architected over a decade ago and is limited to automating simple, repetitive click robots. Data integration, processing and machine learning are added as an afterthought and therefore intelligently automating more advanced business processes in complex IT environments remains challenging.

That’s why Stefan and his highly experienced team decided to found Automation Hero.

The team are building an AI and big data-centric intelligent process automation (IPA) platform that tackles the automation problem with a completely new approach. Instead of running automations as isolated robots, Automation Hero’s platform runs highly scalable, distributed automation flows that weave together click robots, structured and unstructured data sources, deep learning, data processing and the human workforce into an intelligence fabric that creates an operating system for the modern enterprise.

At Atomico, we believe in the power of emerging technologies to change the way we work for the better, and which is why we believe in Automation Hero’s mission to empower information workers by automating mundane, repetitive tasks and give them back time for more fulfilling higher value-add activities such as interacting with customers.

The company is already seeing explosive global growth, especially within large enterprise sales organizations where there are high ROIs from automation. Its three primary use cases focus on eliminating manual repetitive, time-intensive tasks, automating common customer requests and augmenting sales rep decision making.

Customers in financial services, telecommunications and travel and tourism have cited ROIs in the hundreds of millions by saving their employees up to one hour per day, and we believe that this technology has significant potential to drive transformation and automation across business processes in many major industries.

Atomico is proud to announce our Partnership with Automation Hero, and excited to welcome Stefan and his team to the Atomico family. Ben Blume, principal at Atomico, will join the Automation Hero board with this latest round of funding.