5 Nov 2018

Meet Sophia Bendz

At Atomico, finding, hiring and developing the next generation of European leaders in venture capital is the most important thing we do and Sophia is an incredible example of that.

When Sophia Bendz started as the first non-technical hire at Spotify in 2007, Europe was not seen as a bastion of tech giants. Since then, Europe has produced 50 billion-dollar companies, including the streaming music giant. Yet scaling a world-leading business is difficult and ambitious entrepreneurs still need guidance, support and advice from experienced tech leaders and operators.

Sophia has been completely aligned with our vision from day one, that entrepreneurs are the ultimate positive gamechangers in society, and has a proven track record of building trusted relationships with founders as a true partner. After working closely with her for nearly three years as Executive-In-Residence (XiR) , we are delighted to announce she has become our newest Partner at Atomico. Sophia will focus on Nordic sourcing activities and our long-standing relationship with her gives us the utmost confidence she will thrive in her new role .

We can think of no one better to help find and mentor the next generation of European tech talent. Sophia served as Global Director of Marketing at Spotify from 2007–2014, where she built out a strong consumer brand from scratch, launching and marketing the service globally.

As a Partner Sophia will employ her years of angel investing experience to help Atomico discover future Nordic category leaders. An active angel investor, Sophia has invested in and mentored startups such as Clue, Tictail, Joint Academy, Engaging Care, Bokio, Karma, Hedvig, Simple Feast, and Sana Labs among others.

Sophia also serves as a Board Director at Avanza, The Ink Factory and non-profit organization Race For The Baltic and The Viktor Rydberg School Foundation. She is also a co-founder of non-profit foundation AllBright.se .

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