8 Oct 2021

Congratulations to Truecaller!

Today, we’re thrilled to extend our congratulations to Truecaller co-founders Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam as the firm lists on Stockholm’s NASDAQ. Having established itself as the leading platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted calls and messages, Truecaller is on a mission to build trust and become an essential part of everyday communication. Today’s listing is a fitting testament to Truecaller’s progression as a company from start-up to category definer.  

Today is both a milestone and a celebration. A celebration of the vision of two founders, and the team they have built around them, who all share a common belief, grit, and commitment to doing something that many people thought could not be done. This listing is a huge validation of that original vision, mission and belief that they could restore trust in everyday communication for as many people as possible. 

Boasting 278 million monthly active users worldwide in over 175 countries during the second quarter of 2021, Truecaller is now amongst the ten largest communications platforms globally. 

Joen Bonnier, Atomico Partner and former board member for Truecaller, pointed to the “immense vision” of the Truecaller leadership team and described working alongside the company’s founders as a “real privilege”. And Dan Hynes, who has worked closely with the Truecaller team since Atomico’s investment, reflected on the "world class" team assembled by Alan and Nami over the past seven years. 

But what we admire most about Alan and Nami is their tenacity. They have faced several challenges over the years as they built Truecaller, and always came back stronger. This is an important next milestone for the company and we are so happy to see another global category leading technology company emerge from Europe. Alan and Nami are proof that contrarian founders are well-suited to building successful companies.

As Truecaller commences life as a publicly traded company, we’re hugely excited to see the company continue to positively impact customers all across the globe. We continue to be big believers in Truecaller’s future as a public company, and are privileged to have been part of their journey since 2014.