17 Oct 2016

Championing European tech: Bryce Keane, founder of Albion Drive and 3Beards, joins Atomico as Head of Communications

There has never been a more exciting time to be a technology investor in Europe. Ambitious founders across the continent are building innovative businesses with talented developers using frontier technologies. We’ve seen incredible progress in recent years — with 44 billion dollar companies founded since 2003 — but we are ready for far greater success over the next decade. Supercell’s $10B sale is not an outlier but a sign of what’s to come!

As well as investing in the best of these European companies we’re really proud too of the role we’ve played in raising awareness of the amazing founders and innovation in our thriving ecosystems — from London and Berlin to Stockholm, and many other emerging hubs. As champions of the progress Europe has made we partner with Slush to produce the annual State of European Tech report, which also highlights the areas in which we need to do better. And we host events dedicated to supporting founders across Europe that celebrate and bring together experts in everything from AI to international scaling, and give us a chance to share our own experiences.

Our role in championing the European ecosystem is really important to us, which is why we’re delighted to announce that today Bryce Keane joins Atomico as Head of Communications. Bryce has been a long-term supporter of European tech, embedded in the startup community as a Co-founder of 3Beards, which he has scaled into 17 cities and counting, and helping the leadership of companies such as Klarna, Transferwise, Twilio and Improbable to tell their own stories in his role as Founder and Managing Partner of Albion Drive. Bryce founded Albion Drive in 2012, which was acquired by New York ad agency KBS only two years later in August 2014. He also uses his experience to mentor entrepreneurs at 500 Startups and Seedcamp.

We’ve worked hard to build the best VC team in Europe, adding Ben Grol, Niall Wass, Alexis Dormandy and Siraj Khaliq to our team this year, and welcoming billion-dollar founders and operational experts to our platform as Entrepreneur Partners and Executives- and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence. Bryce will further strengthen our team and our capability to bang the drum for Europe’s best technology entrepreneurs!

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