18 Feb 2020

Announcing Atomico V

Today, we announce Atomico V.

Our latest fund doubles down on our core strategy: to partner with mission-driven European founders at Series A and beyond, where our Growth Acceleration Team of operational partners can best be deployed to help them scale. At $820 million, our fund size also enables us to continue to invest at Series B and C into breakout companies.

We partner with ambitious founders who deliver positive, transformational change — across every aspect of our society and economy — building category winners and sector definers. Backed by breakthrough technology and innovative business models, we continue to believe that entrepreneurs are the ultimate gamechangers. They take risks and push boundaries to rewire the world in favour of something better for as many people as possible.

We’re proud to have an increasingly diversified institutional investor base aligned with our vision, who are as excited as we are by the strength of European tech. Atomico V was oversubscribed, closing above our target of $750m to take Atomico’s total AUM to $2.7B. Investors in this fund included a mix of high calibre global institutional investors, existing and new, including pension funds, fund-of-funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, endowments, banks, family offices and government-backed entities from across the world.

Many of Europe’s most successful entrepreneurs and operators have also endorsed our mission. We’ve been joined by a number of founders and early team members from some of Europe’s most iconic start-ups of the past decade — including Adyen, Klarna, Transferwise, Spotify, Skype, Supercell and Zoopla among others — who have invested as individual LPs in this fund.

They share our belief that we are all only as strong as the wider European tech community. That is why we take a bold, progressive approach to the investments we make, the way in which we partner with our founders and in how we engage with the wider ecosystem.

We are all responsible for building sustainable companies that will endure in the long run. Through our Conscious Scaling programme, we have developed and open-sourced a framework for founders to consider all stakeholders by identifying and mitigating long-term risks associated with a business model and its impact on society or the environment. We also require companies we partner with to have a diversity and inclusion policy in place within six months of our investment. It’s written into our term sheets and our experienced operational team are here to help our founders build both a world class policy, and accompanying strategy to get them there. That’s part of our promise. For those companies that we haven’t yet partnered with, we also published a free diversity and inclusion guidebook, to empower founders to build responsible companies that last. No one should have to start from scratch when doing the right thing.

In this decade, technological breakthroughs will increasingly enable founders to take on harder problems. While the global challenges have gotten bigger, so too have the ambition levels of European founders. And the potential rewards. We believe many of the lasting multi-billion dollar companies in this next decade will be those that address these new and harder problems.

That’s why we’re guided by a simple belief: profit and purpose are mutually reinforcing, not mutually exclusive.

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