1 Aug 2020

Access Atomico

Office Hours

Access Atomico is Atomico’s office hours programme that matches Atomico team members with Europe’s most talented and ambitious tech founders from underrepresented communities that have not traditionally had access to capital. 

Depending on their area of interest, founders will be matched with the appropriate investment team, growth acceleration team, or other Atomico team member for a 25-minute virtual session.

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Who is Access Atomico for?

Access Atomico is aimed at European tech founders from communities that have not traditionally had the most access to capital. Since we’re a tech VC, we can only give advice to founders building tech-centric companies.

The program is for entrepreneurs looking for advice, not a forum to pitch to Atomico.  

How long is each session? 

Each session is 25 minutes long. 

What kinds of topics are covered ? 

The session is a chance to ask about anything related to scaling, pitching, or working with investors. Some sample topics for discussion are: 

Investor expectations at Series A

  • Talent & People Strategy in Early-Stage Companies
  • Marketing & Communications in Early-Stage Companies
  • How Investors Work with Founders
  • What to Expect When You Pitch to a “Partner Meeting”
  • Legal Issues in Early-Stage Companies
  • How to Frame Your Market Opportunity
  • How to Structure Your Fundraising Round

Who will I be meeting with?

We will match you for a one-to-one session with the most appropriate person for the questions you have. That might be with a member of our investment team, a specialist from our growth acceleration team, or investor relations or legal specialists. 

How can I make the best use of the session? 

It helps if you can give us the most information possible before we meet. We have a space to upload your deck or provide questions in advance in the Sign Up link so we can come prepared.

Is this an opportunity to pitch my company to Atomico? 

No. These sessions are for advice and questions only. If we’re interested in hearing more, we will follow up. 

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