Victoria Marlin

Victoria is an Associate on the Investment team in London where she focuses on Growth opportunities at Series B and beyond across the enterprise and consumer spaces. She is responsible for sourcing, due diligence and providing ongoing support to late stage investments across Europe, with a primary focus on the French and Southern European markets.

I grew up in a culture of hustle and grit.

Born and raised in Manhattan, I was surrounded by people who worked hard, knew how to hustle to get what they wanted, weren’t afraid to get out of their comfort zones, and refused to quit even in the face of great adversity. That grit is a trait I have learned to respect in others and search for in founders.

Great ideas come from great founders, but long-term success takes a village.

I’ve learned that while great ideas often come from great founders, translating ideas into success takes leadership and a great team behind you. Having the right board and investors certainly helps as well, and I love being able to play a part in our founders’ journeys. 

Prior to Atomico, I spent five years working in Private Equity and Investment Banking.

I’ve seen the power of investor-founder partnerships firsthand. I’ve learned that focus is not about what you do, but about what you don’t do. I hope to use my experience to help founders reach the full growth potential of their businesses.

I abide by my dad’s philosophy on life

“Life is measured by volume - length, breadth and depth.” Length is your age - your years on the planet, breadth is your variety of experiences, and depth is how deep you go into those experiences. Mozart is one of the best examples - he died at just 35, but had a lot of life experiences and huge depth in music, giving his life immense volume. You can’t get much life volume from just one dimension, and so I always say yes to opportunities when they present themselves, and give 100% to the topics I’m really passionate about.

Before transitioning into finance I worked in the public sector, with a focus on social policy and economic development.

I have my Masters degree in International Economics from Sciences Po Paris and my Bachelors degree in International Studies and Economics from Johns Hopkins University. I’ve worked in the US White House, for the OECD in Paris, and for think tanks and NGOs. Though I’ve moved industries, the indisputable  constant is that I remain committed to having a positive impact on the world around me. That’s what drew me to Atomico - our mission to invest in entrepreneurs who are agents of positive, transformational change in society, as well as our commitment to ESG, is unique in our industry and completely aligns with my personal values and goals.

I’m a covert painter. 

When I need a moment to pause, you can find me painting portraits in my garden in East London. Remember my father’s philosophy on life’s volume equation? Painting adds to my breadth.