Rowen Pham

Rowen is an Associate at Atomico, based in London, where he focuses on late stage investment opportunities across enterprise and consumer. He is responsible for sourcing, due diligence and providing ongoing support to investments at Series B and beyond.

Every founder is unique, but the most successful founders have one thing in common: the determination to get out of their comfort zone and to take the risk to give everything in their lives, both personally and professionally, in order to build something from scratch and change the world. No matter what others say! This is why I personally admire the founders I am working with and this is also what I am looking for in new partnerships.

I was born in Germany to Vietnamese parents.

Growing up between graffitied walls in Berlin and the Dong Xuan Center (huge Vietnamese market) has made me more curious about the world and the people around me. After high school graduation, my curiosity drove me to pack two bags and move abroad. I have been living abroad ever since and I love it!

I always asked myself the question, “What else is out there?” 

Ever since I left Berlin I have lived and studied/worked in seven different cities to explore new places and gain new experiences. My decision to move abroad has opened a lot of doors and has defined key moments in my life. Therefore, I strongly believe that there are these defining moments that can have a tremendous impact on our lives. To this day, I am thankful for these past experiences.

Prior to joining Atomico I spent over three years in Private Equity.  My decision to work in Private Equity was also driven by my curiosity and desire to see new things. Working in Private Equity has given me great opportunities to work with founders, help them with growing their business and learn the basics of investing.

Stay open-minded and seize the opportunity.  

Before starting at Atomico I had little knowledge about venture capital. At my previous job, one day, I had the chance to work with Atomico on an investment opportunity and I absolutely loved the energy and the supportive approach. Little did I know that this would be the beginning of my passion for Venture Capital.

Finding new waves to surf is a great excuse to travel. 

You can find decent waves nearly everywhere in the world. As such, surfing can take you to some of the most beautiful places in the world. At the same time, the feeling of surfing a new wave and being out in nature can be a healing experience! And surfing can teach you a lot about failing. A wipeout from a massive wave is absolutely anxiety inducing!

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