Hiro Tamura

Hiro Tamura is a Partner at Atomico. He oversees the day to day operations of Atomico's investment team and also leads the firm's growth-stage (Series B and above)  strategy and investments. 

Hiro is the guy you want on your board - he's a smart investor but he has international scaling experience too. Which means he's always there when you need him, but also has a wealth of experience that is helpful during the challenging times. He has true respect from the people he works with, and inspires a culture of dedication to founders at Atomico. The clue is in the name.
Robert Vis, co-founder and CEO of MessageBird

Having worked directly with founders across every stage, from different backgrounds and cultures, I've learned that it really is about the people - their tenacity, their dedication, their abilities. Behind every great idea and company is an even greater story about people, about teams. The more far-reaching the endeavor, the more game changing the possibilities and greater the reward.

The best part of my job is that it's not a job. 

Working with committed entrepreneurs, be it consumer facing or enterprise software, is a privilege and something that really came to light when working with Niklas and the original team at Skype. The part I thrive on playing is the trusted partner to entrepreneurs. I try to bring the years of experience under my belt, gained through working with entrepreneurs at the crossroads of technology and capital, along with a sprinkling of the pixie dust of operational experience, to bear fruit for our current and future partners. 

Hiro with Robert Vis (co-founder and CEO of MessageBird)

I'm a Japanese national. 

Although I've spent the majority of my life abroad and despite my thick American accent, Japan will always be my point of origin and my philosophical core. Fusing differing values and cultures is something that I’ve had to understand, appreciate and find a way to live with. Perhaps that is what has given me a predisposition to balance existing thinking with open-mindedness when searching for answers.

I’ve been doing tech since 1996. 

I started my career as the internet was taking off - part of a team who underwrote the first listings of the first three Asian internet companies covering institutional investors in research sales.

I met Niklas after starting my own investment firm in Tokyo.

I started working with Niklas and the board of Skype to help them grow rapidly in Japan and throughout the Asia Pacific region. After Skype was acquired by eBay in ‘05 and when that tour of duty was finished in 2007, I started working on Joost/Rdio/Atomico. 

I've been working with entrepreneurs since the earliest days of my career.

From those breaking the sound barrier to become the first to list on Nasdaq as tech founders from Asia, to early-stage founders building the next generation of disruptive technology companies. It’s given me a deep appreciation for, and an understanding of, what it means to be a true entrepreneur  - beyond the glitter, immersed in those day to day trials and tribulations.  

Think about yourself. Think about what you can do to be a better player, where you can help others to improve and where you can also improve. Think about yourself.
Hiro Tamura

I’ve been doing this for a while now.  

I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly… but I've also seen the greatest. All the things I didn't do right are things I feel are worth sharing - for every experience, surviving to tell the tale says something about it, and you, and that is always worth sharing with those willing to listen.

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