Andrea Anzola Verano

Andrea is an Associate at Atomico, based in London, where she focuses on late stage investment opportunities across enterprise and consumer. She is responsible for sourcing, due diligence and providing ongoing support to investments at Series B and beyond.

For me, it’s all about people and their qualities. I look for gritty and ambitious founders with both feet on the ground - and for people with character behind that grit. I am drawn to work with founders that are hungry to learn and value emotional intelligence, who believe in furthering their vision by drawing from the partners they surround themselves with. Most of all, I want to work with founders and companies where we can make true on our promise to provide value beyond a cheque.   

My father taught me that whatever we do in life should have an impact beyond ourselves.

Atomico’s mission to fund companies that will move the needle - and our belief that these companies can come from anywhere - neatly encapsulates why I got into VC in the first place.

What you can do and what you end up doing is directly related to the environment you do it in

The importance of the people you surround yourself with, and the power your team has to gear you towards success, never ceases to amaze me. 

My background crosses continents.

I was born in Colombia, but grew up across Europe and in the US, living in Barcelona, Rome, Paris and Palm Beach. Before joining Atomico, I interned for 7m at a value investing fund in Paris called Amiral Gestion, and then spent ~3 years at GS IBD in their TMT (Tech, Media & Telecom) M&A team, advising clients and financing transactions.

Innovation is not just about novelty. The opportunities to innovate by reconsidering and recontextualising the way we do what we already do is endless. What I love most about this job is the opportunities it gives me to marvel at new ways to break the cycle of complacency and do what we have long been doing in a materially different way.
Andrea Anzola Verano

I have an appetite for risk - which helps me empathise with our founders!

I love putting myself in environments and situations well beyond my comfort zone, and finding my limits. When diving, deep and shark dives are my favourites.   

You should invite me on your next beach holiday.

I am a certified PADI Rescue Diver since 2014 with >150 dives.

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